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Why Craftsman Cabinetry?

Craftsman Cabinetry and Woodworking. Inc. is more than a cabinet shop.  We design, build, finish, and install all of our own cabinetry.  We can provide everything from a kitchen or a single bathroom vanity all the way up to a whole house full of cabinets.  Over the years our business has evolved and changed but one thing has always remained the same; the quality of our workmanship.  The development of this business came not only from a love of woodworking, but also a desire to serve others.  Through these we have been able to create a business that is customer centered and driven.  Early on we knew that the only way to run a successful business was to put our customers and their needs first.  We also wanted to develop a business that was centered on quality; not on how many cabinets we could crank out each month.  Because of this philosophy, we have many loyal customers who come back to us again and again having us build everything from a custom kitchen, to a prayer bench for an upcoming wedding, to a custom piece of furniture or a bathroom vanity.

We do more than just build and install cabinets.  Our cabinets are all custom designs that we engineer ourselves.  When you work with us, you will be dealing directly with the people who will design, build, finish and install your cabinets.  We do not contract any of these specialized services out.  We handle them all ourselves.  Because of this we can offer a level of personalized customer service that is missing from many other companies.  We are always available for you to contact throughout the process.

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