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Our Business

As a business, we aren’t satisfied with just doing a good job. We want to continue to challenge ourselves in every area of custom cabinetry. This means giving great customer care that extends beyond the last payment, pushing the limits of design to what is truly custom, investigating and mastering new finishing techniques, as well as keeping up with current trends.


Anyone can learn to build a good cabinet, but not everyone has the patience and commitment to master their craft. I certainly don’t think we can master it all in this lifetime, but we are determined to try!

About the Owner

“For as long as I can remember I have always been in the shop with my dad. My earliest memories are of pounding nails into the end of his work bench. As I grew up I continued to spend time in the shop and eventually even became helpful! Through that experience with my dad, I learned the value of hard work, fulfilling obligations, paying attention to detail and taking pride in my work. This developed into what is now Craftsman Cabinetry and Woodworking, Inc. Every lesson that I learned as a boy in the shop has made its way into this business. Now with 20 years of experience I am still learning from my dad who is a vital part of what we do even in his retirement. I want to look back at every project that we do and know that I have done my best. Like we always have said, “We want you to call us back because you want us to build something else, not because you are unhappy with what we just built for you.” Now my son and daughter are pounding nails into my workbench and I want this business to be around for them if and when they want to join. This is more to me than just a way to make a living. It’s personal.”

Andy White, Owner

Our Mission

To create top quality custom cabinetry that you cannot get anywhere else.

Our Core

To be customer driven and provide excellent service that extends beyond the project.

Our Solution

To push past conventional design and challenge ourselves.

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